I started this blog in January 2011, exactly one year after my RA diagnosis. With it, I hoped to raise awareness, share stories, and connect with others struggling with illnesses like mine. The writing has been therapeutic, and the RA / spoonie communities are fantastic. I’m grateful to play my small role. But lately, I’ve been feeling a little, well, restricted by the focus of my blog.

Though my diseases remain active, and I struggle with them daily, I no longer feel inspired to write about every detail.  However, thanks largely to this blog (and all of you!), I do feel inspired to write. About lots of things. And I’d like to use this space to do it. But it needs a new name, and a new look. So, you’ll be seeing some changes here in the coming weeks.

My journey with RA will still get attention, of course. But I’ll also post about all the things that occupy my days: my wife, my son, my dogs, life on the water in Florida, my experiments in the kitchen, new restaurants I’ve tried, books and blogs I’m reading, travel I’m doing, excerpts from fiction I’m writing, work stories, technology finds, gifted /special needs education resources, thoughts on politics, and my forays into alternative medicine, yoga, exercise, and much more. I work every day to live my fullest, most authentic life, and I want my reimagined blog to reflect all of it.

Thank you for the past four years of reading, growing, and connecting. You have made a real difference in my life, and I hope you’ll join me on this new adventure.



2 thoughts on “Blogshift

  1. Carla Kienast says:

    I think that’s wonderful. This is a great sign that RA isn’t the center of your life (which it obviously isn’t) and that you actually have a “real” life. It will be great to hear what else is going on with you. Outstanding!

    • Thank you Carla! I admit that it’s a little scary to branch out, but I’m excited about it! 🙂 I so appreciate your words of encouragement. Have a wonderful day!

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